The History of the Gay Male and Lesbian Experience during World War II


Decree of the Reichsfuhrer-SS, May 20, 1939

in Hidden Holocaust? edited by Gunter Grau, pg 250

The Reichsfuhrer-SS and Head of the German Police at the Reich Ministry of the Interior S-Kr 3 Nr. 623/37 V1

To thee Reich Criminal Police Bureau Subject: Voluntary eemasculation of persons in preventive detention

In the directive of the Reich an Prussian Minister of the Interior and the Reich Minister of Justice, dated 23.1.1936 (RMBliV. p. 258), it is stated that the voluntary decision for castration must not be impaired by coercion, even indirect. 'In particular,' it says, 'it is therfore impermissible to make the suspension of any part of a sentence conditional upon consent.'

In order to avoid a false interpretation of these provisions, I would stress in agreement with the Reich Minister of Justice that consent required under section 14, cl. 2 of the Law of Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases is not challenged if a sex offender in preventive detention is told that after castration has been carried out it will probably be possible for him to be released from preventive dentention, I request that you proceed accordingly in suitable cases.

RKPA. 6001/426.36